8 Interesting Facts about Formula E

If you’ve never heard about Formula E, you’ve come to the right place. This exciting new all-electric motorsport become more popular and it has drawn attention of world-class drivers and even Hollywood stars, generating plenty of dramatic action. However, beyond the gaudiness and tinsels, the new futuristic race aims to drive change towards an electric future for transport.

  1. Nearly Rich. To save on costs, all ten teams are using a nearly identical cars, at least for the first year. The awkwardly named Sparks-Renault SRT_01E is built by a new French company, Spark Racing Technology. The electric powertrain and electronics are made from McLaren Electronics Systems, the carbon fiber and aluminum chassis is origin from Dallara and Williams Advanced Engineering is building the 200-kilowatt battery pack.
  2. Drivers should smile for the fans. In a gizmo called FanBoost, members of the public can vote for their favorites via an American Idol-style social media system. Votes can be cast online and the three drivers with the most votes receive a five-second power boost of approximately 40 bhp. The single boost – which is operated by a lever on the back of the steering wheel – can be used to aid overtaking at any time except on the first lap.
  3. Not Strong Enough. The limited permittance of the cars’ battery packs will require all drivers to come in for a “pit stop” after 30 minutes. But instead of getting a fresh tank of fuel or new tires, they’ll leap into a second, fully charged car. Ultimately, the goal is to have one car run the whole race, but that depends on improvements in battery technology.
  4. Some top celebrities have approved it. It may be new, but the series has attracted some big names for teams, drivers, and sponsors. You know something is causing a razzle when the likes of Antonio Banderas, Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio are forming orderly salvo to attend their slap-up events. Indeed, that’s probably what Formula E is doing. Drawing a lot of media attention, there has been a long list of famous faces approving it and attending its many ePrix performance. In fact, DiCaprio even helped launch the Venturi Automobiles team back towards the end of 2013, which is hardly surprising considering the talented actor is a passionate environmental defender.
  5. The cars look better than they sound. One of the biggest complaints about the Formula E franchise to date has been the fact that the cars don’t make the same noises some think they should. Detracting attention from its appeal somewhat, it’s proven a difficult obstacle for newcomers to wrap their heads around. That said there have been some developments to add sound to their make-up.
  6. It’s dare to become greater than F1. Greater than F1, you say? Yes, without doubts. Its divulgation through television, social media and word of mouth has seen more and more fans jump on the bandwagon with every passing month, and it’s sort of easy to see why. Aside from its draw as a compelling sport, it’s also not harmful to the environment and is seen as the way of the future for motorsport by so many.
  7. There’s a former F1 champion competing in it. If you’re a Canadian sports fan, the chances are you probably hold Jacques Villeneuve in pretty high regard – indeed you’d probably go so far as to say he’s something of a national icon. Having won the Formula 1 title back in 1997 under pressure from the ever-imposing and wonderfully talented Michael Schumacher, his prestige and class is beyond question. Now, 18 years later and the 44-year-old is back behind the wheel once again, looking to win yet more accolades on the racing circuit. For the forthcoming season, he will race for team Mahindra and his addition to the line-up will surely boost viewing figures even more. Does he still have what it takes to make an impact, despite 10 years away from it all? Time will tell.
  8. The main figure behind this project is Alejandro Agag. While this whole hysteria may well have tapped into the resources of glamorous celebrities and esteemed, famous faces, it’s the stimulus of Agag which has really seen the idea expand from an fancy venture into something hugely popular. A Spanish businessman with immense competence and a lot of contacts, his desire to see his project grow has played a great role. The 44-year-old ambitious man is constantly on the look-out for ways to make the project develop and his evident hunger could very well see its reach grow rapidly over the next few years, despite the improvised nature of its formative stage.
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